A new way to engage your employees

We've completely redesigned how you engage your employees physically and mentally.

One Membership.
Hundreds of Studios.

Bruce gathers hundreds of studios and gyms in a membership. With our app, you can try and perform a broad range of workouts: gym, climbing, yoga, CrossFit, swimming, martial arts, racket sports and much more.

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Healthier and More Productive Staff

The fact that exercise makes you healthier, happier and more effective is well known. Bruce makes it easier and more fun to exercise by making lots of fitness alternatives available to you.

In addition, the social features of our app make it easy to train together, both for motivation and for strengthening team feeling.

Become an attractive employer

Offer your employess a huge range of workouts, activites and sports.

Employer Branding

Go one step further in the hunt for the best people. Get to know your employees at over 500 different studios.

A long term investment

Investing in your employees health will pay off in the long term.

More than 500 amazing studios in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Oslo and Bergen.


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