Feel free to work out anywhere.

With Bruce, you don’t have to choose. Get access to gym, go climbing, swimming, do yoga, HIT, dancing, padel and much more. All in one membership.

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  • Irene Ekelund

    Track athlete,100m & 200m
    Bruce is perfect for me to get the variety I need in my training to reach my goals in my elite career in athletics!
  • Amanda Colldén

    Entrepreneur & podcaster
    I’ve been a member and big fan of Bruce since I heard about it a few years ago! Exercise is a super important part of my life and with Bruce's help it's easy to get the variety that experts say is so important. I do yoga, go to HIT classes, do OCR and dance via Bruce. Love it!
  • Simon Carlfjord

    Personal Trainer,Founder of Ignite Training Hub
    With BRUCE, I can both sweat at my favorite studios AND have the opportunity to experiment with new exciting classes! That mix helps me keep my motivation and training joy at the top!
  • Adjani Benita Goli

    Founder & CEO, Sthlm Dance Agency
    I have always loved to vary my training. In addition to the dance that I work with, I activate myself in other ways to become more versatile and because it's fun to try new types of workouts. With Bruce, this is incredibly easy and smooth.
  • Jenny Freed

    Training profile, lecturer, massage therapist and weightlifting coach
    Bruce concept is revolutionary for those who already LOVE everything about training, but also for those who have difficulties finding joy in exercise. It's easy, accessible and offers a huge range of workouts, studios & levels of membership. I just love Bruce.
  • Susanna Moen

    Founder & Trainer,women.sync
    I've had Bruce for the past year and I love it! I love to be able to work out in different places, test new classes and vary my training depending on where I am.

Why Bruce?

  • Vary your workouts

    All forms of exercise you can think of - from gym and swimming, to yoga, paddle and crossfit and everything in between.

  • Unique experiences

    Work out in unique boutique studios reminding you of everything from a nightclub in L.A. to a yoga retreat in India.

  • Freedom

    Work out whatever and wherever you want. No commitment and you can pause your membership at any time.

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