Here are some frequently asked questions

  • What is Bruce?

    A Bruce membership gives you the freedom to choose between hundreds of different training activities at studios and training facilities connected to our platform. Fill your exercise schedule with yoga, gym, swimming, crossfit, dancing, paddle, climbing and much more.

    Bruce is a fitness membership that brings together different fitness studios with various activities in just one membership. Bruce members get to explore activities such as yoga, climbing, hiit, boxing, swimming, and dancing, as well as getting access to several gyms for individual training.

    Our membership is just as good for you who want to try something new every day, as for you who have a couple of favourites to switch between. You book workouts and see opening hours for drop-in training in the app.

    Thanks to Bruce, our partner studios reach a wider audience, fill up their classes more easily and get paid for each visit from Bruce members.

  • Why should I workout with Bruce?

    The endless possibilities are the main reason for most people; to both be able to vary training forms and find inspiration for new kinds of training. The barrier to trying something new fades away with Bruce and many of our members find new favourites that they would never have found without Bruce. Many enjoys our community where you can find new training buddies. Others like the simplicity of having everything in one place, in the same app.

  • What do I get access to on Bruce?

    Everything from crossfit, yoga, kayaking, gym, swimming, climbing and everything in between. We always build long-term relationships with all our partners and offer a wide range of classes from most of them. Download the Bruce app for free to see the full schedule and opening hours.

  • How much can I workout?

    You have total freedom to train as much as you want as a member of Bruce. However, you can go on a maximum of 1 session per studio the same day. This applies to all memberships and all studios. We have this rule to give our members the same chance to book popular passes and to give our partners fair compensation.

    Depending on your membership level, some studios have a limit on the number of visits per month. More info is available at each studio in the app.

    You have the freedom to work out as much as you want as a member of Bruce. However, some studios have limitations on number of visits during a 30-day period. Please see the rules on each studio in the app. In Sweden, the general rule is 1 session per studio per day, and unlimited visits during av month. In Norway, the general rule is 6-8 visits per studio or chain per month (no daily restriction). 

  • Which membership suits me?

    Classes are sorted by membership tier level, which means that you have access to different classes depending on which membership you have. To see exactly what you get access to on each membership level, you can sort by membership level in the app's filter function.


    Lite is suitable for those who wants to hit the gym as their base workout and also be able to mix up their routine with other types as well. You can swim, climb and go on group classes for a total of 4 times a month. You can have 1 booked class at the same time.


    Base is suitable for you if you want access to the basic studios and gyms in town, where you can work out alone or attend group classes, without paying any extra. You have the opportunity to have 3 booked classes at the same time.


    Black is suitable for you if you want everything in Base, but also want access to some exclusive studios and classes. You have the opportunity to have 5 booked classes at the same time.


    Epic is suitable for you who want everything in Base and Black, but want access to all the exclusive studios and classes in Bruce. You have the opportunity to have 6 bookings at the same time. Only available in Sweden.

  • What does it cost?

    Lite: From 599 / month

    Base: From 699 / month

    Black: From 1099 / month

    Epic: From 1499 / month

    Prices can vary over time and differ between countries. To see the price that applies to your city, read more here.

  • What are Bruce Credits?

    Instead of having an ongoing membership, you can buy credits upfront which can be used to work out at lots of different Bruce partner studios and gyms. *

    The number of credits a workout cost can be found in the Bruce app which is usually equal with the studio's own prices. Your credits are valid for 12 months.

    The price per credit is SEK 10 each, but the more credits you buy, the more discount you get.

    When using Bruce credits, the following rules apply:


    You must check in at least 5 minutes before the class begins.

    Late cancellation

    If you cancel late, 5 credits will be charged for the booking while remaining credits you paid for the class will be refunded.

    Missed class:

    If you do not cancel your class, no credits you paid for the class will be refunded.

    *Some studios are currently not accepting Bruce credits. See the list here

  • Do you have discounts for students and seniors?

    Yes! We have both a student discount and a senior discount, 7% on all our memberships. Write to us in the support and attach a photo of your Mecenat card or student card and we will solve it for you. For seniors, attach a retirement card or ID.

  • Can I buy a whole year in advance?

    Of course! Write to the support and we will help you.

  • How do I get receipts for my payments?

    You can easily find your receipt for your payments in the app under Account. If you want a collected receipt, just let us know in the chat and we will help you.

  • Can I use my Preventive Care Allowance (friskvårdsbidrag)?

    Yes! You can use your preventive care allowance (friskvårdsbidrag) for your Bruce membership if you live in Sweden. You can either use one of the following benefits portals: Actiway, Benify, Söderberg & Partners or Wellnet. Otherwise, you can use the receipts in the app as a basis for your employer. Read more here.

  • What is Solo Training?

    If you want to train by yourself, for example at the gym, swimming or climbing, it is called Solo training. No pre-booking required, just show up during opening hours and scan the QR code when arriving.

  • What happens if I arrive late for a class or cancel too late?

    Generally the check-in limit is 5 minutes before the class starts, so try to arrive on time. Some studios require you to check in earlier, which is then stated in the class description. This rule exists so that the instructor and the other participants are not disturbed by members who arrive late.

    The cancellation time varies from studio to studio but the standard is usually 3 hours before a class starts and can at most be 24 hours. The cancellation time for a class is always in the class description, so keep an eye out.

    If you don't attend a booked class, it is regarded as a no show. When you do a no show, your spot will remain empty in the studio where another member could have attended instead of you. Our ambition is that you never should get a no show, so remember to always cancel if you can't attend.

    * 3 late check-ins within 30 days give 1 strike.
    * 1 late cancellation gives 1 strike.
    * 1 No Show gives 3 strikes.

    If you get 3 strikes, you will be blocked from booking new classes for 14 days. When you are blocked, you can still attend already booked classes and work out at gyms and other solo training. You can choose to wait for the block to expire or get unblocked instantly for a fee. You can't pause your membership while you are blocked. If your block period spans an already scheduled pause, the pause will automatically be deleted.

    If your block period spans an already scheduled pause, the block will continue after the pause is over. As long as you are not blocked, you automatically get rid of 1 strike every 30 days, calculated from your first strike.

  • The class I want to go to is fully booked, is there a waitlist?

    Yes, there is a waitlist for fully booked classes. When you attend the waitlist for a class, you will receive a push notification if a spot becomes available. Be aware that you do not get a spot automatically so you still need to book the class in the app. You also do not have a special place in the queue, as everyone on the waiting list will receive the notification at the same time.

  • Can I workout on my own at the gym without booking a class?

    Yes you can! Filter in the app on “solo training” and you will see all studios and what times you can workout on your own.

  • Can I pause the membership?

    Yes, you can pause the membership! Memberships with a 12-month commitment period can be paused for up to 50 days (at least two weeks at a time) during the 12-month period. When you pause, the binding time is extended by the same number of days.

    Memberships without commitment periods can be paused between payment dates, so when an entire month is over, you can add a pause to the date you want to start a new month. Memberships without commitment can be paused for a maximum of 100 days at a time without loosing any discounts.

  • Can I cancel the membership whenever I want?

    You can cancel the membership whenever you want, but Bruce has one month's notice period. This means that when you cancel, you still have to pay for one more month before your membership is completely cancelled. You can use the membership as usual throughout this period.

    If you have chosen a membership with a commitment period, you can cancel as soon as your commitment period has expired. You can find all details about your commitment period in the app under Account > Membership .

    When your commitment period expires, your membership will be transferred to a non-commitment membership with the same price as you had before.

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