Here are some frequently asked questions

  • Activate membership

    To activate a membership, go to Account > Membership. The membership will be activated immediately and you can find details about the membership under Account > Membership.

  • Bruce Zero - invite your friends

    We want to reward our members who are signing up their friends to Bruce - by lowering their monthly costs. When someone joins Bruce using your link or your code then you’ll both get 30 SEK discount during each and every month of your membership. With enough friends joining your monthly cost will go down to 0.

    Both of you will keep your discount for as long as you’re both members of Bruce.

  • Cancel membership

    If you want to cancel your membership, 1 month's period of notice applies to all memberships. This means that you will be charged for the next payment period following your current payment period at the time of cancelling. Example: If your payment date is the 15th of each month and you cancel your membership no later than the 14th of April, your last payment period will be April 15 - May 14. If you cancel your membership on April 15, your last payment period will be May 15 - June 14. Flex memberships can be cancelled at any time. Fixed term memberships can be cancelled during the last month of the commit period. If you cancel your membership, you will still be able to use the membership for as long as it is payed for. Cancel before the last day of your current membership period to avoid a transaction for the upcoming period.

  • Change city

    You can change the city in the app by navigating to Studios > Filter > Change city.

  • Check in

    To check in, press the check in button in the app and then scan the studio's QR code. You must check in 5 min before the class starts. If you check in later it will count as a late check in. You will get one free "late check in" per 30 days period. A late check in costs 20kr and is charged immediately from your registered payment method, you can still join the class if the studio allows it.

  • Class cancellations

    The cancellation time for a booked class can be seen in the app and may vary. A late cancellation costs SEK80 and is deducted directly from your payment method. You get one free "late cancellation" per 30-day period.

  • Limitations

    In Sweden, there are no limitations on the number of visits per studio, but exceptions apply to certain studios/chains, see the studio descriptions.

    In Norway, the Bruce membership provides up to 8 visits per studio/chain per payment period. The visits are reset when the monthly fee is charged. Exceptions apply to certain studios/chains that have a limit of 6 bookings, see the studio descriptions.

  • Membership levels

    Bruce has three different membership levels

    Bruce Base For the one who want to be able to train as much as you want in the majority of our studios and classes.

    • Access to Base Studios
    • Open training such as gym, swimming and climbing
    • Over 1000 different workouts
    • 3 simultaneous bookings

    Bruce Black For the one who want to be able to have 5 bookings at the same time and get access to even more studios and classes.

    • Everything in Base
    • Access to Black studios
    • More classes to choose from
    • 5 simultaneous bookings

    Bruce Epic For the one who want everything: access to our best studios and most popular classes.

    • Everything in Base and Black
    • Access to exclusive studios
    • Even more classes to choose from
    • 6 simultaneous bookings
  • Missed class

    If you miss a booked class, it costs SEK140, which is deducted directly from your payment method. You can make a late cancellation up to 10 minutes before the class starts. Our goal is that no one ever has to get a missed class.

  • Pause membership

    Fixed term memberships can be paused. You can pause up to 50 days with a minimum of two weeks at a time for each 12 month period. When you pause, the commitment time is extended by the same number of days.

  • Payment

    The membership fee is transacted monthly, on the day before your current membership period ends.

  • Receipts

    Receipts for all payments can be found under Account > Receipts. The receipts are valid for preventive health care (friskvård).

  • Student discount

    Yes! We have a student discount, 10% off on the Base membership. Write to us in the support chat and attach a picture of your student card and we will help you.

  • Wait list

    When you are in the waiting list for a class, you will get a push notification when a spot is available. You won't get a spot automatically, so you have to book it like a regular class. You also don't have any specific queue position, everyone that is in the waiting list may get a notification.

  • Work Out Online

    Anyone with a Bruce membership have access to all of our online classes. Every online class is broadcasted live and there are around 20 different classes each day within various forms of training. You'll book your online class through the web, and all your booked classes - including online - are visible in the app.

    To have a look at what's included regarding online training - or to log in to an online class with your already activated Bruce membership - choose "Online training" at the top of this page in the menu section.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Contact customer support and we'll help you out