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Are you a fitness entrepreneur and want to take your business to the next level with Bruce?

  • Reach new customers

    By connecting your studio to our platform, you reach a wider target group and gain increased exposure.

  • Increase your revenue

    Bruce fills up the vacant spots you have in your classes and you get paid for each visit.

  • Free dashboard

    It's free to join Bruce. With our free dashboard, it is easy to get an overview and optimize your business.

What our partners say about us

  • Jill Idh

    Personal trainer, Switch Gym
    It’s fun to have the opportunity to train new people and get feedback. We think Bruce is a security for our business, if we lose members we have the opportunity to fill vacancies and stabilise our economy without having to focus on chasing new customers and marketing.
  • Martin Lodin

    Bruce is a great win-win solution. A collaboration with Bruce can result in a good balance, that is you do not have to lose members to them, but instead get a good marketing and financial boost from their members!
  • Stefania Gremlin

    Owner & Yoga instructor, The Gremlin Society
    Bruce connected people all over the city with us and helped create The Gremlin Society community. Every day it's like family comes to visit you. Together we grew up and as a studio we feel a big part of Bruce who has always supported us.
  • Karin Kumlin

    Dietitian & yoga instructor, Skönhetsfabriken
    Our focus is on Yoga and training in small groups so having Bruce with us will be a great fun mix for our members and allows us to raise the level of our classes even further.
  • Luis Rojas

    Facility manager, Eminent Hälsostudio
    Having the opportunity to collaborate with Bruce has for us been a huge plus. Not only do we meet more people and fill up our classes but we also get the opportunity to talk and get to know people who share the interest in exercise and health.

Being a Bruce partner is easy and free

As a Bruce studio partner, your facility will be available to our entire member base. You get paid for each visit and our goal is for you to earn as much on Bruce members as on your regular members. We help you reach a wider target group, get good exposure and free marketing. Bruce works for both open training and workouts. Our dashboard makes it easy for you to control which classes and opening times you want to make available.

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