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Bruce is a digital membership that gives you access to the best training with a single membership in your phone – freedom to work out wherever you want.

IM WITH BRUCE AB, org. no. 559037-5597 (Bruce), runs www.bruce.app (the Website) and related apps for iOS and Android (the App).

By registering as a User on the Website or in the App, you agree to these Terms and Conditions (the Terms) at the same time. Read the Terms properly as they regulate the relationship between you and Bruce.

A Member refers to a paying user of the App. A User refers to Members, as well as users of the Website and the App that have not yet paid for a membership. Each User has an Account that is used to log in to the App and on the Website.

About Bruce

Bruce offers a service (the Service) where Members through the App can book group training classes and check in for solo training at gyms, studios and training facilities that Bruce collaborates with (Bruce partners).

When visiting Bruce partners, the Member must check in for classes or solo training using the App and the partner's QR code. Once the code has been scanned the Member's entry ticket will appear in the App, which should then be presented to the staff.

The Bruce membership is personal and the Member is not entitled to transfer rights or obligations under the Terms to a third party. Nor is the Member allowed to let in a third party into a Bruce Partner’s facilities. The penalty for doing so amounts to a cost of SEK 1000. In repetitive events the Member will be banned from the Service.

Consent Statement

Bruce will send the User direct marketing related to our products and services. The direct marketing from Bruce is partly based on profiling. This means that Bruce will make predictions about the Members personal preferences based on how often the Member trains, what type of workouts they do and which Bruce partners they attend. Based on these predictions, Bruce will tailor our direct marketing to the Member. For more information on how we process the Users personal data, please visit: Privacy Policy.

The Member is free to choose whether to consent to or decline our profiling for the purpose of providing the Member with direct marketing. Please notice that the Member may withdraw their consent at any time, but that the withdrawal will not affect the legality of Bruce’s processing conducted prior to such withdrawal.

Membership fee and payments

Downloading the app is free. To book a class or work out at Bruce partners, the User must first become a Member. Payments are made by card or by direct debit and are provided by Stripe and Trustly.

A flex membership (rolling membership) is per month and continues until the Member chooses to cancel it. The monthly cost is deducted on the last day of the current payment period.

For a commit membership (fixed term membership), monthly costs are deducted the same way, but can only be cancelled after the number of months the Member signed up for. If the Member has a commit membership, then the Member has to ensure that a payment method is working throughout the entire term. If a payment fails and the membership is a commit membership, an invoice will be sent to the Member. If the payment is not made, the case may be sent to debt collection.

With Bruce Credits, the Member can book classes and work out at Bruce partners. The price per workout matches the partners own pricing. There are a few partner studios that currently do not accept Bruce Credits as payment. A list of these Partners can be found in Bruce’s FAQ.


Each Bruce partner chooses the classes they want to make available to Bruce. Classes are not constant and may vary over time and without notice. Bruce can not guarantee access to a specific studio or certain classes. The Member is not entitled to cancel the Membership prematurely because the range of classes has changed or a studio has disappeared.

Pause membership

A flex membership can be paused between payment dates. So when an entire month is over, the Member can add a pause to the date the Member want to start a new month. It can be paused for a maximum of 100 days at a time.

In special circumstances such as injury or illness, pausing is allowed for up to 365 days when providing a medical certificate. In connection to pregnancy, a pause of up to 6 months is allowed, longer pauses require a medical certificate.

Memberships with a 12-month commitment period can be paused for up to 50 days (at least two weeks at a time) during a 12-month period. When the Member pauses, the commitment period is extended by the same number of days.

Pausing of the membership always has to be done in advance.

Cancel membership

If the Member wants to cancel their membership, 1 month's period of notice applies to all memberships. The notice period can not be taken away by a pause. This means that the Member will be charged for the next payment period following their current payment period at the time of cancelling. Example: If the Member’s payment date is the 15th of each month and they cancel their membership no later than the 14th of April, their last payment period will be April 15th - May 14th. If the Member cancels their membership on April 15th, the last payment period will be May 15th - June 14th.

For a commit membership, the Service can not be cancelled during the term.

Right of withdrawal

According to Swedish and Norwegian law, the Member has the right of withdrawal (ångerrätt) for 14 days when purchasing goods and services remotely. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Member can not have used the membership for working out. The right of withdrawal is valid from the date of purchase. If the Member regrets the purchase, the Member should contact Bruce by emailing [email protected] within the specified time.

If the Member has purchased the membership via a third party, special conditions apply. Then the Member has to contact the third party.

The right of withdrawal does not apply to the purchase of individual classes at a specific time.

Invite friends for a free pass

Sweden and Denmark: As a member, you can distribute invites for a free training at your membership level. Each code is unique and can only be used 1 time by the person who is not yet a member. A code gives your friend a free workout within your membership level. The training can be an instructor-led session or self-training at, for example, a gym.

Each code is unique and can be used 1 time by a person who is not yet a member of Bruce. The free pass can be used no later than 30 days after the code has been registered. Anyone who is not yet a member can be invited to a free pass once every 3 months.

If a friend you invite gets a Bruce membership, your invites will be filled up to 3 new ones.

Bruce Zero

Norway: When inviting someone to Bruce with a code, the Member gets a discount on their membership amounting to the amount stated in the "Bruce Zero - invite friends" section in the Bruce app. The person the Member invites will receive the same discount from the time their membership is activated.

In order for the discount to be activated, the recipient of the Member’s invitation must be a new member. As an inviting member, the Member’s monthly discount applies until further notice, as long as the recipient of the invitation continues to have an active and paid membership with Bruce.

As the recipient of the invitation, the Member’s monthly discount is valid until further notice, as long as the person who sent the invitation continues to have an active and paid membership with Bruce.

The discount is applied from the Member’s first payment when they become a member.

Changes in the Member’s monthly cost as a result of Bruce issuing monthly discounts or revoking monthly discounts (due to the Member’s friend cancelling his/her membership in Bruce, or otherwise) have no effect on the training supply the Member has access to through their membership level.

As an inviting member, the Member’s monthly cost can at most go down to 0 in the Member’s local currency per month as a result of monthly discounts from Bruce Zero, regardless of how many members are invited. By using the Bruce Zero referral program, the Member agrees to be bound by these terms. Bruce reserves the right to change these terms or the terms of the referral program in general, including terminating or pausing it.


There is no limit to how many times a month the Member can work out, however there may be limits in how many times a Member can work out in a specific city and/or studio. To see the specific limits, please review the different studios and/or different memberships in the Bruce app.

The Member can have a maximum number of bookings at the same time depending on membership type.

The User can only be logged in to one device at a time. The User may log in 5 times over a period of 365 days. Any further login attempts will be blocked.

Cancellation of classes

Cancellations can generally be made up to 3, 6 or 12 hours before a class starts without action, or else it will count as a late cancellation. Exceptions are stated in the class description. If the Member makes a late cancellation, the Member gets 1 strike. Late cancellations can be made up until 10 minutes prior to a class starts.

Check-ins can generally be made up until 5 minutes prior to a class starts before they are counted as a late check-in. Exceptions are stated in the class description. 1 strike is given for 3 late check-ins made within 30 days. For a check-in to be valid, the Member is required to participate in the class. A check-in without participation is counted as a no-show.

If the Member doesn't attend a booked class, a no-show, the Member will immediately get 3 strikes.

If the Member gets 3 strikes, the Member will be blocked from booking new classes for 14 days. While blocked, the Member can still attend already booked classes and work out at gyms and other solo training. The Member can choose to wait for the block to expire or get unblocked instantly for a fee. The Member automatically gets rid of 1 strike every 30 days, calculated from the first strike.

If any late check-ins, late cancellations or no-shows are made when blocked, the block will be extended by:

  • 1 day for late check-in
  • 3 days for late cancellation
  • 7 days for no-show

The number of days the Member is blocked affects the price of unblocking. When the block has been extended with 7 days, the price increases by the corresponding amount it costs to unblock.

It is not possible to pause the membership when blocked. If a block period spans an already scheduled pause, the pause will automatically be deleted.

When using Bruce Credits the following applies, instead of the strikes above:

Late cancellations: If the Member makes a late cancellation, 5 credits will be deducted, while the rest of the credits paid for the class will be refunded.

Missed class: If the Member misses a class, no credits will be refunded.


In order to use the Service, the Member needs to enter its full name and a profile picture that clearly shows the Member's face from the front. The account is personal and may not be shared. If the Member does not have a full name and profile picture, the membership may be cancelled without notice. No refund is made in these cases.

In order to check in at Bruce partners, the App may ask for the Member's location. The information is used to determine if the Member is at the correct location, and may be logged for troubleshooting purposes.

Operation and complaints

The Service is usually provided 24/7, every day of the week. However, Bruce does not warrant that the Service is free from errors or interruptions. In case of failure of the Service, Bruce shall always be given the opportunity to correct the error. Bruce is allowed to close the Service for maintenance for a reasonable amount of time.

A User who wishes to claim errors of the Service shall notify Bruce within a reasonable time by emailing [email protected].


A Member must follow the rules and regulations that apply at each Bruce partner.

When using the Service, it is not permitted to use any type of drugs or performance enhancers, with the exception of medicines prescribed by doctors. Doping controls may occur at some Bruce partner facilities.

Bruce reserves the right, with immediate effect and without explanation, to ban a Member from the Service or from a specific Bruce partner. Each Bruce partner also has the right to deny individual Members access to classes and solo training.

Only one Account per person is allowed, and Bruce owns the right to delete duplicate Accounts at any time.

No refund will be made in cases where an Account is suspended or deleted.

Force Majeure

Bruce shall not be held liable for failure or delay in the performance of the obligations under these Terms and Conditions, if such performance is delayed or hindered by the occurrence of an unforeseeable act or event which is beyond Bruce's control (Force Majeure Events).

Acts or events constituting Force Majeure Events include, but are not limited to, Acts of God, government intervention, directives or policies.

In the event of force majeure, Bruce shall take reasonable steps to mitigate the effects of the Force Majeure Event.

Processing of personal data

Bruce follows the rules that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has set up to protect user integrity. Review the Privacy Policy of Bruce for more information. To correct, access or delete personal information, a User can contact the customer support at [email protected].

Contact details

Bruce customer support is available at [email protected] or via the support chat in the App.


Bruce may revise these Terms from time to time, with or without notice to the User. Any such revision will be effective immediately. The User's continued use of the Service following any such revision constitutes acceptance of the modified Terms.

Last updated 2023-03-28

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