Bruce vs SATS vs Swiftr vs Classpass

Here you'll see differences and similarities between Bruce and SATS, Bruce and Classpass and Bruce and Swiftr. Is this the most unbiased comparison that's ever been made? Maybe not. Will it help you see why Bruce is the best choice? Definitely.

Bruce vs SATS

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Work out at the same facility

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Work out at different facilities, if you like

But... with Bruce you won't have to pay extra to work out in different places. With SATS there's an extra fee.

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Group trainings like yoga, barre, martial arts, dance etc

But... with Bruce your classes takes place at studios with a complete focus within their expertise areas. When doing kickboxing you're in a genuin fighting studio, our barre classes are mostly held by real ballerinas and if it's finding your inner zen you're after - just feel the tranquillity when stepping into one of our yogastudios.

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SATS hasn't got multiple levels on their classes

But... with Bruce there's classes at different levels, from beginner to advanced, which makes it possible for you both to start and grow with us.

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SATS hasn't got any climbing, and only a limited selection of racket sports and swimming

But... with Bruce you've got climbing and a large selection of both swimming and racket sports, including padel, squash, tennis etc.

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Bruce vs ClassPass

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Both Bruce and ClassPass have credits

Both ClassPass and Bruce have credits, and what amount of credits you'll spend depends on what type of class you attend. With ClassPass you need to buy credits to be able to work out, with Bruce you can choose between credits and a monthly or yearly membership.

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With ClassPass you're tied up

ClassPass makes you subscribe on a pre-decided amount of credits each month. If you don't use enough of your credits they'll go to waste.
With Bruce your credits are valid one full year which gives you the chance to work out just as much or little as you wish, without any stress of losing what you've already paid for.

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Bruce vs Swiftr

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Bruce and Swiftr both have memberships

Both Swiftr and Bruce have multiple types of memberships where you'll get access to a wide range of studios and classes.

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Swiftr have fewer studios and no credits

Bruce have more studios in Stockholm and Gothenburg. With Bruce you can also choose to buy credits instead of memberships plus add your friends within Bruce to see each others upcoming classes if you'd like to match your work out schedules.

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